Best Photographs Ever Taken


Photography has the power to motivate people, make them both sad and happy. The power of still photography is too strong to ignore. From the birth of photography, people has taken photos which has changed the course of history. These photos represents emotions and a great story. Photography is one of the most powerful tool represent history. Here is a list of some of the greatest photographs in history and every one of them has a long history behind them. That is the beauty of photography. It tells a long story without saying a single word.

Inejiro Asanuma’s Assassination

A photograph was taken just at the moment of killing Japan’s socialist party leader Asanuma. It has become a history since then. The capture was perfect in every sense, just seconds before the murder happened. The leader was stabbed with a sharp object and died instantly. Taking great photograph is all about being at the right place at the exact time. Photograph Nagao was fortunate to be there to capture an extremist killing Japan’s socialist party leader. This photograph was awarded many prizes including Pulitzer which is considered highest honor in photography. It is one of the most iconic photograph in the history of Japan.

Courage of One

One perfectly time photograph has the ability to speak a thousands word. You may speak a lot about a certain topic but a single photograph has the power to motivate people more than your word. So the next photograph is called the power of one. Where a single middle aged women showed the world that you just courage to represent resistance. Pulitzer prize was also awarded to this photograph. You will see a Jewish women holding Israelis solders from entering the territory of west bank. One women against a hundreds soldiers with weapon, and the photo was taken right at that time.

Marlborough Street Fire

Black and white photography has a power of its own. May be its about the color of the photography which can capture human emotion. Stanley Foreman was the photographer of this historic photo. It won a Pulitzer prize in 1976 in news photography section. This photographs shows a women an her child jumping of a high building during the fire to save their lives.  The camera was motorized and the capture was taken at just about the right time. This photo represents a powerful message and after it was published, US goverment took a new fire escape policy.


The Last Jew

The second world war was full of different historic moments. Many great photos of history was taken during that war. Those photographs showed the true horror of war and destruction. The last Jew Vinnitsa is one of those powerful photographs which portrays the torture Jews people had to face during world war 2. It was from a personal album of a German soldier. Which shows the last Jew of Vinnitsa was about to be executed publicly. Around 28000 Jews were killed during that time in that region.