Common Mistakes By Beginner Photographer


The task of taking stunning photograph at the beginning of your photography carrier is not an easy one. There are so many things to learn to avoid mistakes. As a beginner you are likely to make mistakes while taking photograph. However, there are some common mistakes which you can avoid if you are careful. These errors are repeated over and over as the beginners can figure out they are making mistakes. So to make this easier for photography beginners here is a list of common mistakes made by photographers who are new to this field. Have a look, you might also find something familiar.

The Color Mistake

This is the most common mistake most photographer make, being unaware of the color of the photograph. Strong color is a great tool to create an amazing photograph. But there is a thin line between a professional hand and the other of a novice. This thin line is hard to cross over, it requires years of experience before mastering it. You must learn about maintaining the color before taking the photograph. The first thing is to notice the calibrating colors, taking picturing without learning the color is like working like a blind. The habit of making your photograph into a Picasso painting is never a good idea. Stick with the natural color of the photograph.

Dull Photograph

The skill of using blur in photograph is something which must be acquired from experience. Using too much blur can damage the sharpness of the photograph making the picture dull and boring. You must select a point which will be the sharpest point of your photograph. You can use the blur option in some of the background. A perfectly timed photograph can be ruined by a shaky hand. So make sure your hands are still and your focus is shard. That is how a beautiful snap is created.



Who wants to see a photograph where some activities are taking place in a distant position. Street photography is about being close to the subject. You have to be close enough to capture the true essence of that moment. Many beautifully photographs are ruined as the subject is not close enough. There is an old saying ” if you are not close enough, the photograph is not good enough”. Don’t think like a sniper when taking photographs. Get close to people, i mean really close to capture the perfect moment.


As said earlier, being aware of the color is very important in photography. You must know how to use the contrast and exposure, otherwise you will never get a perfect shot. The exposure should be perfect in a photograph, otherwise the purpose is not served. Then the task is to handle the contrast which is a very difficult job. It requires years of experience to get the sense of contrast right.

Above are some common mistakes made by beginners in photography. There are also other things like controlling HDR, Concept which you should be careful of.