Why choose a Limousine Along With Professional Photography for your wedding

Wedding is the most special day of one’s life and no one wants to spoil it. The core dream of every bride and groom is to have a perfect wedding event, no matter what. One decides the theme of the party. From the wedding dress to the flower decoration, everything remains as per the theme. Then what adds class to your wedding? Well, a Limousine when arrives at the wedding venue, it brings elegance and makes this day memorable. Many people use limo services for the wedding now for a class, comfortable and elegant appearance. Here are the reasons why one should choose a Limousine for a wedding by Toronto Limo VIP.

Arrive at the Venue in style

Imagine, someone arriving at the wedding venue in a classy limousine in front of the guests. This moment can be head-turning and a grand entry can be ensured. The travel to the wedding venue is not only comfortable but also luxurious. This amazing moment can be sealed with a customized limousine.

Easy to customize

A Limousine can be easily customized as per your wedding theme. One can set the tone of the wedding by customizing and decorating the limousine as per the wedding theme. The rental services that provide limousine services can easily customize the decoration as per the choice and theme.


Space is never going to be an issue for the wedding as long as one use the limousine services. There are different types of a limousine with ranging capacity. One can accommodate 10-25 people in the limo car. It is not only spacious but the interior is also luxurious, comfortable and elegant. Make sure it is a clean limo. So, if you are planning to have a grand wedding, then Limousine should be in your catalog.


Everyone loves the privacy on this special day. One can enjoy complete privacy during the journey thanks to the Limousine car. The Limousine is driven by the Chauffeur who are experienced, polite and extremely reliable to travel with. Hence, the big day becomes even more special with a Limo.

No stress

Wedding is not only about fun and memories, but it is also about stress. However, when you travel with Limousine, it will be stress less journey. The comfort and luxurious ride ensure that one remains calm and relaxed. It is desired by many to have a relaxed and equally stress-free wedding, and Limousine ensures the same.


There is a myth that Limousine service is costly and that might hamper the budget of the wedding. But the truth is far from this. Limousine services are quite affordable and there are many choices and options available to fit into the budget. One can contact the Limousine rental services well in advance and book it for the special day.

Apart from this, one can create wonderful memories and a lifetime experience with the limousine service. So, if the wedding plan is not yet finalized and limousine is still not there, then it is time to add it right now.

How to Remove Stain and Smell from Carpets in the Studio

It does not matter how careful you are, stains and odor in the carpet are normal. It can be kids who spill something on the carpet. Your pets can urinate unfortunately on the carpets accidentally to stain as well. The foul smell can also become too irritating unless it is treated. It is almost inevitable to protect your carpet from the stain and smell. However, it is very easy to remove the stain and smell. There are three ways by which you can treat the carpet to treat this. Here are three ways.

Home Solution

This is probably the easiest solution and can be done very quickly. Even though this is a DIY solution, but quite effective. There are plenty of elements that are readily available at home can be used to treat the stain and remove the odor. Now, one does not professional help in this and can be easily performed, our advertiser in Oakville would be willing to provide information.

Vinegar and Baking Soda can be used to remove the stain. One needs to cover the stained area under the vinegar for some time. Once the vinegar is soaked in, sparkle some baking soda on it. Make sure that the area is then covered well from the air and leave it behind for a couple of days. Then scrub the area and the stain would be removed. However, the carpet should be carefully scrubbed to avoid peeling of color from the carpet.

Dishwashing Detergent can be mixed with warm water and sprayed on the impacted area of the carpet. It should be towel dried then for the best result.

The next very effective way is to use Ammonia. Now, Ammonia should be applied to the particular area of the carpet along with water. Then again towel dry the area for some time and then scrub it off for better results.

The Hydrogen Peroxide is a great agent to remove the stain. One can mix warm water and dish soap along with it. The area should be covered in the solution and towel dried. Scrubbing the particular area could help in removing the stain and the odor as well.

Ready-Made Solution

Well, if you are not really interested to follow all these steps then there is an even better option. There are several market-ready solutions available in the market to remove the stain. These solutions can be purchased and used against the stain. Now, this could be very impactful against the stain and the odor. However, the cost increases as you purchase the entire solution from the market instead of producing it at home.

Professional Cleaning

A beyond repair situation may often hit you in terms of stain and smell of the carpet. Well, if the damage is done is way too bad, then it is better to call for a professional service. The professional service ensures that your carpet is cleaned and all the stains and smell are gone. However, it is good to mention that the cost of this would be the highest among the three.

It is important to remove any kind of stain and smell and all of the mentioned methods can be used to remove that. 

Photography in Hawaii

Hawaii is an outstanding American state full of beaches and waterfalls. You can have a lot of in this state, and your wedding can be taken to a whole new level. We will let you know about some great photographer in Hawaii.

Hawaii Tropical Landscape Hawaiian Island Kuai

Maui Photography

Capture Aloha Photography is a great photographer that will allow you to enjoy the very best when it comes to photography in Hawaii. She loves traveling the world taking pictures of amazing places, and Los Angeles is one of this favorite destinations. They exude love and you will be excited once you meet them in person. Having fun with Capture Aloha Photography is easy, yet they knows how to make your wedding look good. they have the outstanding grace needed to take a picture and have fun at the same time, and you will love this.

Kevin Lubera

Kevin Lubera is an outstanding photographer that you will love. This photographer can take your wedding to the next level in Hawaii or any other country on Earth. He knows what he is doing, and that’s the reason why you should use his services. Kevin Lubera can take a wide array of photographs including engagement ones. He can even create the wedding gallery that you have been seeking for so long. Kevin Lubera has traveled the world taking amazing photographs in outstanding places. He fell in love with the world of photographs years ago, and you will truly reap the rewards.

Derek Wong Photograph

Derek Wong Photograph is the renowned wedding photographer that you should hire today. He can captivate an audience out there by giving out the inspiration of all kinds. Your wedding memories will never be the same once you have hired Derek Wong Photograph today. The creativity of this man is just terrific, and he knows how to capture romantic and honest images of your wedding at all times. He has the power of elevating his photojournalism to the next level when he wants to, and you will truly love this. He also has the approachable style you love too.

Sea Light Studios

Sea Light Studios is all about giving out passion for the field of photography, and this will make your wedding shine right away. He loves talking to clients and sharing his passion with them. His clients appreciate what he has to say too. Sea Light Studios knows how to bring a genuine, warm presence to any wedding day striving to create the gorgeous images you love. Your wedding day will be flowing like a charm, and you will be making things more enjoyable thanks to Sea Light Studios too. They have a solid, technical foundation that will allow you to have more fun at your wedding.

We have talked about some outstanding Hawaiian photographers that you can hire today. Kevin Lubera can do a great job because he has a lot of experience in the field of photography. He knows how to do this job, and you will truly reap the rewards. Tamiz Photography is a lot of fun, and you can truly get a lot of benefits out of this photography professional.

Why Cleaning Your Office is Essential Before a Photo shoot

Having a clean place before a photo shoot is essential to making a great impressions to your clients.. The cleaner window, kitchen, bathroom, furniture and amenities always gives a enhanced look to any surrounding and makes a client more comfortable.

This is why it is very important to understand why office cleaning is essential. There are several social, psychological and scientific reasons for cleaning the house. These reasons are enough to motivate you to take the necessary actions to start the cleaning process right away.


When you are at your office or even your house, you must feel comfortable. This is a place where you try to find the peace. In the modern era, exhaustion and mental fatigue have become very common symptoms. However, it can be fought with the rest, peace and that comes from the comfort at home. The clean house gives you the much-desired comfort and peace. Well, dusty house with not properly cleaned floors and dirty furniture can become a real headache. The psychology says that anything that is clean attracts the human mind and thus the cleaning is very important. With the many companies out there offering cleaning services, find one that will provide the reliability you need for your studio is crucial to making the success for your clients.


It is obvious that a cleaned office is a comfortable place but it is a healthy house as well. Dust, dirt and other things result in allergens that can, in turn, make things regretful. The pathogens and the allergens are reasons for the diseases. The bad environment is responsible for many of the chronic diseases; it is even more susceptible to employees. It is therefore very important to clean the office and ensure that the office is healthy.


It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression, however, starts from the house. Whenever someone comes to meet you and take a look at your house, an impression is created. I don’t think anyone would want to go that bad. The best part of the clean house is that it can be achieved without investing huge amount. It is also a standard that everyone wants to maintain.


The house and the associated amenities like furniture and others need maintenance at all stages. The cleaning of the amenities is very important for the sake of the durability. If you want your furniture and other amenities to last long, then obviously scheduled and deep cleaning is important. The better would be the cleaning, the longer the amenities last.


When you understand that cleaning is important, then there is no reason why you should avoid it. On top of it, it is very easy to clean the house considering the surge of the professional services that have come across in recent years. There was a time when cleaning the house was indeed a tedious job, but now things have become easy. It is also important to consider that the professional cleaning service is not very costly and is affordable for all the people. So, you get an easy and affordable solution for cleaning the house.

The need of cleaning services is immense and is often considered paramount for the office whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a company.
















How to remove Rigid Stain from Carpets To make The Best Photo

When creating a photo shoot for a client in your studio, you probably will have a surrounding that is catered to the picture they desire. Carpets of coarse are used a lot to  enhances the décor of the studio by a considerable amount.

The vibrant color and the warmth of the carpet are often required for any shoot. It may be very important and often found a place at home but it has some disadvantages too. The prime one is the vulnerability to the rigid stain. The stain marks can be developed from food or any other stuff and it intensifies with the time. It becomes very important to remove the stain from the carpet in order to make it look refreshing and vibrant. But this is not so easy process and needs patience and technique to achieve that. Here are some of the most effective stain removal procedures or technique.

Home Stain removal techniques

This is commonly used for organic stains. I have seen most of the stains in the carpet are of mild nature and that makes the process relatively easier. Pro’s carpet cleaning Vancouver company have provided these simple tricks to easily remove stubborn stains right away before they become more difficult. Removing stubborn stains has been perfected with years of old techniques and can be done at home pretty easily and safely. The water spray along with solvent can be sprayed on the area where the stain has developed. You must allow the stain to absorb the liquid before vacuuming it. The best part is that it can clean the stain at one go with high effectiveness. One can do that at home with basic ingredients.

Dry Clean

However, you may not be very lucky to get simple organic stain every time. Sometimes, the stain becomes rigid and stubborn to go off easily. In such situations, the dry cleaning is recommended. However, it needs time and patience. The dry cleaning is the process where the stain is slowly removed with a brush with little water. Sometimes, biodegradable detergents are also used to accelerate and enhance the process. However, the proportions should be very less and should be accurate to get the desired result.


Shampooing can replace the dry cleaning but the earlier one is more effective. This is mostly used for the commercial carpets where the numbers of stains can be more. The special shampoo for the carpet cleaning or stain removal is available in the market. A solution should be made with the shampoo and water. Either the carpet is soaked into the shampoo solution or the solution is sprayed over the stain. Once the solution has been soaked, it should be vacuumed. However, this is very effective method of wider stain and when cleaning is done at large scale.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most effective and followed stain removal process. This can be done after applying above techniques as well. In fact, it is better to follow the steam technique after applying any of the process, it is best to go for Shampoo Technique however. The carpet or the stain area is generally kept at the exposure of the steam. The area soaks in the hot steam for some time and soaks it. Vacuuming or slow brushing process can then remove the dirt or stain from carpet. This is one of the best techniques for removing very rigid stains from the carpet.

Sometimes, the carpet cleaning may become too much or tedious to do at home. However, in such cases, professional carpet cleaning services should be sought for better cleaning of carpet.



Homemade Pest Control Remedies During a Photo Crisis in Brampton

When planning one of my photo shoots in Brampton Ontario, I was faced with a unwanted guests, more specifically, pests and insects that ruined my stay there and the environment of my work place when i started taking photos. There is nothing more annoying than pest roaming freely and in a large number inside your house.

Here are some remedies which are easy to implement to exterminate insects and rodents pest situation that I followed after much thought after research. You will require some basic house hold items to create your own solution to this problem. Here are some easy and quick home remedies to control pest situation:

Consider home pest remedies rices before hiring exterminators in your city

Garlic-Mint Spray

If you have a garden in the backyard where you are having trouble with insects, you can use this solution. The garlic-mint spray is the perfect combination for outside insect control. You will get both items in your kitchen. Take few mint leaves and few parts of garlic, blend those together in a mixer. After that, add some cayenne pepper and dishwasher product. Put the solution in a bottle and seal it properly, keep it like that for a day. Add a sprayer in the opening the bottle and your product is ready to be taken in to the action.

Coffee Grounds Pest Control Solution For Ants Extermination

Coffee grounds are one the least favorite items for pest and insects, they don’t like the smell at all. Ants hate the smell of coffee grounds and they tend to leave the place which has any of this item. If you find any spot of your house which is becoming a hang out space for ants and bugs, just put some coffee grounds there and see the result. There won’t be any of those annoying insects there in the next morning. Coffee grounds are perfect for tackling small pest situation.


Another way to control and eliminate ants situation of your house. The all-time classic, borax and sugar treatment. You just have to mix those two component and put it on the marching ground of the ants. The marching ground will turn into a graveyard in no time. Use half a cup of sugar with 2 spoon of borax and add those to hot water, your mixture is ready.

Pepper Spray Home Pest Remedy For Exterminating Insects

This is a very effective pest control process for your backyard garden if your photo shoot should require that. The good this is, you can create the solution with your regular kitchen items. Mix 3 spoons of pepper with a bucket of water, or you can mix 6-8 freshly chopped pepper. Add few drops of dishwasher to make it more effective against the insects. Leave the mixture like that for a day. Next morning you can spray the solution in the garden to see the result. Exterminators use this remedy all the time as I was told by pest control specialist !

Deer Repellent

Egg can be a great solution to keep the deer away from your garden. You just need to make an egg spray. Mix 2-3 eggs in a bottle of water and blend those in the mixer. Put the solution inside a spray bottle and seal it. You may need to clean the opening of the sprayer few times as the thickness of egg may clog the opening. Spray the mixture on the plant and deer won’t be close that.

How to plan for House Cleaning Prior to Its Photo Shoot

Prior to photographing a house, you need to plan to clean the house and prepare it for the photo shoot. House cleaning is an important aspect of beautifying your house prior to preparing any environment to a photo shoot.

However, people often make mistakes while cleaning the house by not organizing the entire cleaning process. But how to organize or plan for the cleaning? It may sound a bit difficult but that is the easiest of the task and the most important as well. Here is how you can organize the cleaning process.

Make a List

The first thing that you have to do is to make a list for the cleaning process. There are many things when it comes to the house cleaning. However, you cannot clean everything at one go. The best thing is to divide the cleaning process and simply make a list. For example, you can go ahead with the cleaning of the corners of the house along with the window panes and the bathroom. You can also go for the kitchen cleaning if you want. However, you need to make sure that you are not over burdened with the cleaning process that only reduces the efficiency and quality of the cleaning.


While preparing the list, you must ensure that you have taken care of the priority. It is basically as per the requirement. If your kitchen needs cleaning the most, you must go for it, if bathroom needs then the bathroom. The priority may differ as per your requirement but while selecting multiple cleaning tasks; you should fix the priority carefully. It becomes extremely difficult to clean the upholstery and the kitchen on the same day. Both of the cleaning tasks are highly tedious and may result in inefficient cleaning. So, it is very important to be particular while cleaning the house.

Arrange ingredients

As we talk about the cleaning process, you must make sure that the essential ingredients for the cleaning process are ready and are handy. Starting from products, solutions and other stuff like clothes should be kept ready before the cleaning process. Also, if you have to buy anything then it is suggested to do that well before the cleaning process start.

Professional Cleaning

If you feel that the organization of the entire cleaning process is difficult, then you can always go for the professional services. If you need a deep cleaning and efficient task, then professional cleaning company is the best option. You can contact one of the best companies in your locality and get the cleaning done. The services are well organized and are also affordable, so it becomes relatively easier for the people to go for the cleaning. However, you must go for a background check before awarding the contract to the cleaning company.

Here is an example of a video for a cleaning company.

Cleaning is a regular process and is mostly done by the people. However, organizing a plan before cleaning reduces the stress and streamlines the process.

Top tips you need to know on wedding photography


Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding day and you want to capture those moments as best as you can. Hence hiring a right wedding photograph is essential as he/she will click those golden moments. Of course, finding the right person in this sea of options is challenging. Most of the people do get confused and try to hire some unreliable person in the last minute.

Photographs you are fond of

One particular reason for you to choose a photographer or a videographer is because you are impressed with their work. The photographs which have been taken will be forever. Once you wedding day memories start to fade, then you can always check the wedding photographs and relive the moment.

Meet with the photographer.

On your wedding day, a reliable photographer or videographer will accompany you throughout the day without causing any obstruction. Moreover they need to get involved and nestle intimately into the event and hence you need to understand if you can connect with him/her. You can determine that by meeting up with the photographer before you finalize and check if you feel great around that person.


Most of us get confused at this place and wonder which package we should opt for. Your main focus should be quality instead of choosing a photographer who provides with 3000 images, 100 free prints and along with it a steak knife. If the images are not good, then all this freebies is nothing. Hence you decide if you want 3000 images which you hate or around 300 hi quality images.

Consider what you truly require in a package. Do you want to take print of your snaps or post them on instagram for your friends to see them? If so, you will need to hire a photographer who provides all the images in both low and high resolution JPEG files on a hard drive. Maybe you are not techno savy, all you need is a pretty collection and might want to get all the images printed by the photographer itself.


Obviously this is an essential consideration and I guess you are short listing those photographers who quote within your budget. However never book a photographer solely based on the price quote, rather check their portfolios and find out if you are getting the right wavelength. In the long run, all you have is the memories and you would want to capture in a splendid way.


I feel best snaps are the candid shots taken without you knowing about it. Accordingly I feel it is essential to choose a photographer who offers coverage all day long. On your big day you will be occupied, you need to keep moving here and there, hence candid shots works best. Inspite of the fact, that may not be keen of getting snaps of you getting ready. Do take them along with your bridesmaids. As years roll by, when you look at those snaps, you will feel extremely happy seeing your mum, dad in that background dancing to the wedding tunes.

Major Types of Photography


Taking photograph is not only capturing a certain object, it is also about capturing a piece of life and moment. That’s why a photograph is always beautiful. If you are a beginner in photography, there are certain things you should know about it. Photography is a passion which motivates you to covert slice of life into a frame. There are many different types of photography, which all involves taking captures but differs in some small details. If you are trying to learn about photography, you should know about the types of photographs. There are four major types of photography:

Portrait Photography

It is the most popular form of photography now a day. It is also a simple form of photography for the beginners. A portrait photograph is about taking capture of a human face. But the true meaning is far complicated, a portrait is about capturing the emotion of a person. It is not an easy task, which means portrait photography can be very difficult as well. Humans nature displays different types of emotion in different situation. Portrait photography is about taking those emotions with a camera lens. Portrait photograph is a great way of representing someone’s personality and emotions.

Family Photograph

Another major photography type which is becoming quite popular now a day. It is called family photography and as the name suggests it is about taking beautiful family photos. Families are all about love and care. Capture those caring moments can be a challenging task. But when the capture is perfect, it certainly looks beautiful. The whole family in a single frame is something every family wants. The most important thing about family photography is that it can solve many emotional problems existing in a family. A family photograph is always something beautiful to look at.

Wildlife Photography

You probably heard about this type of photography, a very popular form of photography among young generation. A wildlife photographer roams in the wilderness to find the perfect capture. Wildlife photography includes taking pictures of wilds animals, plants or simply the nature. If you want to take wildlife photography as your profession, you may need some special equipment along with the camera. Special lenses are required for wildlife photography.  So as you can imagine, wildlife photography is expensive. But the result is beautiful, it is certainly one of the best forms of photography.

Fine Art Photography

Another popular form of photography which comes from European culture. It is also a difficult form of photograph as it involves taking pictures of abstract arts and angles. Fine art photography is not about taking a simple snap of a certain object. As a photographer you must play with lights, angles, textures, background and objects to get the perfect picture. Fine art photography is a difficult type of photography; you must be skilled enough to take this kind of photograph.

SO above are some basic types of photography, there are also others which you will discover along your way of learning about photography.