Major Types of Photography


Taking photograph is not only capturing a certain object, it is also about capturing a piece of life and moment. That’s why a photograph is always beautiful. If you are a beginner in photography, there are certain things you should know about it. Photography is a passion which motivates you to covert slice of life into a frame. There are many different types of photography, which all involves taking captures but differs in some small details. If you are trying to learn about photography, you should know about the types of photographs. There are four major types of photography:

Portrait Photography

It is the most popular form of photography now a day. It is also a simple form of photography for the beginners. A portrait photograph is about taking capture of a human face. But the true meaning is far complicated, a portrait is about capturing the emotion of a person. It is not an easy task, which means portrait photography can be very difficult as well. Humans nature displays different types of emotion in different situation. Portrait photography is about taking those emotions with a camera lens. Portrait photograph is a great way of representing someone’s personality and emotions.

Family Photograph

Another major photography type which is becoming quite popular now a day. It is called family photography and as the name suggests it is about taking beautiful family photos. Families are all about love and care. Capture those caring moments can be a challenging task. But when the capture is perfect, it certainly looks beautiful. The whole family in a single frame is something every family wants. The most important thing about family photography is that it can solve many emotional problems existing in a family. A family photograph is always something beautiful to look at.

Wildlife Photography

You probably heard about this type of photography, a very popular form of photography among young generation. A wildlife photographer roams in the wilderness to find the perfect capture. Wildlife photography includes taking pictures of wilds animals, plants or simply the nature. If you want to take wildlife photography as your profession, you may need some special equipment along with the camera. Special lenses are required for wildlife photography.  So as you can imagine, wildlife photography is expensive. But the result is beautiful, it is certainly one of the best forms of photography.

Fine Art Photography

Another popular form of photography which comes from European culture. It is also a difficult form of photograph as it involves taking pictures of abstract arts and angles. Fine art photography is not about taking a simple snap of a certain object. As a photographer you must play with lights, angles, textures, background and objects to get the perfect picture. Fine art photography is a difficult type of photography; you must be skilled enough to take this kind of photograph.

SO above are some basic types of photography, there are also others which you will discover along your way of learning about photography.