Top tips you need to know on wedding photography


Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding day and you want to capture those moments as best as you can. Hence hiring a right wedding photograph is essential as he/she will click those golden moments. Of course, finding the right person in this sea of options is challenging. Most of the people do get confused and try to hire some unreliable person in the last minute.

Photographs you are fond of

One particular reason for you to choose a photographer or a videographer is because you are impressed with their work. The photographs which have been taken will be forever. Once you wedding day memories start to fade, then you can always check the wedding photographs and relive the moment.

Meet with the photographer.

On your wedding day, a reliable photographer or videographer will accompany you throughout the day without causing any obstruction. Moreover they need to get involved and nestle intimately into the event and hence you need to understand if you can connect with him/her. You can determine that by meeting up with the photographer before you finalize and check if you feel great around that person.


Most of us get confused at this place and wonder which package we should opt for. Your main focus should be quality instead of choosing a photographer who provides with 3000 images, 100 free prints and along with it a steak knife. If the images are not good, then all this freebies is nothing. Hence you decide if you want 3000 images which you hate or around 300 hi quality images.

Consider what you truly require in a package. Do you want to take print of your snaps or post them on instagram for your friends to see them? If so, you will need to hire a photographer who provides all the images in both low and high resolution JPEG files on a hard drive. Maybe you are not techno savy, all you need is a pretty collection and might want to get all the images printed by the photographer itself.


Obviously this is an essential consideration and I guess you are short listing those photographers who quote within your budget. However never book a photographer solely based on the price quote, rather check their portfolios and find out if you are getting the right wavelength. In the long run, all you have is the memories and you would want to capture in a splendid way.


I feel best snaps are the candid shots taken without you knowing about it. Accordingly I feel it is essential to choose a photographer who offers coverage all day long. On your big day you will be occupied, you need to keep moving here and there, hence candid shots works best. Inspite of the fact, that may not be keen of getting snaps of you getting ready. Do take them along with your bridesmaids. As years roll by, when you look at those snaps, you will feel extremely happy seeing your mum, dad in that background dancing to the wedding tunes.