Essential Gears for Photographers


The task of buying different gears to start your photography carrier is not an easy task. There are so many things you need to start capturing your favorite moments. Only a SLR is not enough to take your photography to the next level. But first thing first, you will need a good quality camera to start taking photography. A camera is just he first gear you need in the long list of essentials gears of photographers. A complete kit of photography is always suggested so you never fall short of any equipment. You may also need a small budget to purchase all of those items. Here is the list of all necessary gears you may need as a beginner photographer


There wouldn’t be any photograph without the camera, it the primary gear for you. You need a good quality camera for professional photography. The task of taking good photograph gets a lot easier if the camera is of premium quality. There are many different types of camera available for the photographer. The debate is still ongoing about which one is the right for photographer. As you beginners you are more likely to have a small budget for your first professional camera. There are many different types of entry level DSLR cameras available in the market. Try to find a Mirror-less camera, those are more suitable for beginners.



The next gear you need is the lens. A camera without a good quality lens is of no use. Lens performs the important duty while taking a photograph. There are lenses which come free with the camera kit. Those can be used for taking good quality photograph, but adding an extra lens is always good for you camera. Prime lens are the most suitable ones for beginners. You also have to keep your budget in mind. Professional lens are very costly for beginners. A 35mm lens with a new DSLR should be enough for you to get going.


Why fall behind when  you want to take photography seriously? Buy a tripod to capture those perfect moment without shaking the camera. A tripod is an essential gear for professional photographers. The task of a tripod is often not valued that much, but pro photographers know its importance. As you beginner you need to buy a good quality tripod which will last long. Don’t go for a home made thing which is built of three sticks. Buy a good quality aluminum tripod to get of to a right start.


Now a days taking a photograph is half the work done. You need to edit that raw picture to find the best thing out of thing. Two of the most used software for photo editing are lightroom and Capture One. The task of both these software is similar. You have to buy these software to get the full feature pack. But once you buy those, you will know why these software cost so much.

Above are some tools you need to take your photography carrier to the next level.