Secrets of Photography


The art of capturing photos in the street is not an easy one. People are always moving fast on the street so it takes a lot of skill to capture those fast moments. However there are some tips you can follow to improve your photography skill. The secret behind photography is not all about practice, sometimes you need to know what should be done. All pro photographers holds some secrets which they are not likely to disclose to you. These are some tips you should follow to make yourself a pro photographer.

Hold Still

It takes a lot of effort to find a perfect moment to capture. You may stroll all around the city all day still couldn’t find a perfect moment. So be open minded about you are searching for the scene to capture. It is very hard to walk around all day still take some ordinary photo. So you have to utilize what you have close to you. There are literally hundreds of interesting things happening in the street which you have not paid attention to. The power of observation is very important. You need to have a photographer eye to identify the perfect moment. Moving slow is very important in street photography. There is no need to move fast to find the right capture.

Pay Attention

Understanding the language of people’s eye is a unique skill which you need to develop. It is said that hiding emotion is very difficult, but in street photography finding emotion is very hard task. People try to hide their emotion with maximum effort. But eyes always give it away. No matter how much you try, your eyes will never lie. You need to find those blank eyes to capture. The emotions how average people is very important for street photography.


Capturing too many objects in a single photograph is never a good idea. You need to focus on a primary item. Too many things may fit in a single capture, but the focus of that photograph will be lost. Too many street photographs holds too many objects, making it hard to focus on a single thing. So the best thing to do is to focus on a single object. The little things often make the big capture. If you look closely you will find hundreds of details in a single object. You just need to observe really closely.


Without People

Street photography is not all about having people in the frame. The photography can be done without people. It is true that, street photography is mainly about the people of street, but it is not necessary to have them physically. You can capture some epic moments without having people in the shot. There are many opportunities for you.

Above are some basic secrets of street photography. There are many more like shooting at night not using natural light. The art of photography is not that difficult to develop. You just need to focus to the right moment to capture.