Homemade Pest Control Remedies During a Photo Crisis in Brampton

When planning one of my photo shoots in Brampton Ontario, I was faced with a unwanted guests, more specifically, pests and insects that ruined my stay there and the environment of my work place when i started taking photos. There is nothing more annoying than pest roaming freely and in a large number inside your house.

Here are some remedies which are easy to implement to exterminate insects and rodents pest situation that I followed after much thought after research. You will require some basic house hold items to create your own solution to this problem. Here are some easy and quick home remedies to control pest situation:

Consider home pest remedies rices before hiring exterminators in your city

Garlic-Mint Spray

If you have a garden in the backyard where you are having trouble with insects, you can use this solution. The garlic-mint spray is the perfect combination for outside insect control. You will get both items in your kitchen. Take few mint leaves and few parts of garlic, blend those together in a mixer. After that, add some cayenne pepper and dishwasher product. Put the solution in a bottle and seal it properly, keep it like that for a day. Add a sprayer in the opening the bottle and your product is ready to be taken in to the action.

Coffee Grounds Pest Control Solution For Ants Extermination

Coffee grounds are one the least favorite items for pest and insects, they don’t like the smell at all. Ants hate the smell of coffee grounds and they tend to leave the place which has any of this item. If you find any spot of your house which is becoming a hang out space for ants and bugs, just put some coffee grounds there and see the result. There won’t be any of those annoying insects there in the next morning. Coffee grounds are perfect for tackling small pest situation.


Another way to control and eliminate ants situation of your house. The all-time classic, borax and sugar treatment. You just have to mix those two component and put it on the marching ground of the ants. The marching ground will turn into a graveyard in no time. Use half a cup of sugar with 2 spoon of borax and add those to hot water, your mixture is ready.

Pepper Spray Home Pest Remedy For Exterminating Insects

This is a very effective pest control process for your backyard garden if your photo shoot should require that. The good this is, you can create the solution with your regular kitchen items. Mix 3 spoons of pepper with a bucket of water, or you can mix 6-8 freshly chopped pepper. Add few drops of dishwasher to make it more effective against the insects. Leave the mixture like that for a day. Next morning you can spray the solution in the garden to see the result. Exterminators use this remedy all the time as I was told by pest control specialist !

Deer Repellent

Egg can be a great solution to keep the deer away from your garden. You just need to make an egg spray. Mix 2-3 eggs in a bottle of water and blend those in the mixer. Put the solution inside a spray bottle and seal it. You may need to clean the opening of the sprayer few times as the thickness of egg may clog the opening. Spray the mixture on the plant and deer won’t be close that.