How to remove Rigid Stain from Carpets To make The Best Photo

When creating a photo shoot for a client in your studio, you probably will have a surrounding that is catered to the picture they desire. Carpets of coarse are used a lot to  enhances the décor of the studio by a considerable amount.

The vibrant color and the warmth of the carpet are often required for any shoot. It may be very important and often found a place at home but it has some disadvantages too. The prime one is the vulnerability to the rigid stain. The stain marks can be developed from food or any other stuff and it intensifies with the time. It becomes very important to remove the stain from the carpet in order to make it look refreshing and vibrant. But this is not so easy process and needs patience and technique to achieve that. Here are some of the most effective stain removal procedures or technique.

Home Stain removal techniques

This is commonly used for organic stains. I have seen most of the stains in the carpet are of mild nature and that makes the process relatively easier. Pro’s carpet cleaning Vancouver company have provided these simple tricks to easily remove stubborn stains right away before they become more difficult. Removing stubborn stains has been perfected with years of old techniques and can be done at home pretty easily and safely. The water spray along with solvent can be sprayed on the area where the stain has developed. You must allow the stain to absorb the liquid before vacuuming it. The best part is that it can clean the stain at one go with high effectiveness. One can do that at home with basic ingredients.

Dry Clean

However, you may not be very lucky to get simple organic stain every time. Sometimes, the stain becomes rigid and stubborn to go off easily. In such situations, the dry cleaning is recommended. However, it needs time and patience. The dry cleaning is the process where the stain is slowly removed with a brush with little water. Sometimes, biodegradable detergents are also used to accelerate and enhance the process. However, the proportions should be very less and should be accurate to get the desired result.


Shampooing can replace the dry cleaning but the earlier one is more effective. This is mostly used for the commercial carpets where the numbers of stains can be more. The special shampoo for the carpet cleaning or stain removal is available in the market. A solution should be made with the shampoo and water. Either the carpet is soaked into the shampoo solution or the solution is sprayed over the stain. Once the solution has been soaked, it should be vacuumed. However, this is very effective method of wider stain and when cleaning is done at large scale.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most effective and followed stain removal process. This can be done after applying above techniques as well. In fact, it is better to follow the steam technique after applying any of the process, it is best to go for Shampoo Technique however. The carpet or the stain area is generally kept at the exposure of the steam. The area soaks in the hot steam for some time and soaks it. Vacuuming or slow brushing process can then remove the dirt or stain from carpet. This is one of the best techniques for removing very rigid stains from the carpet.

Sometimes, the carpet cleaning may become too much or tedious to do at home. However, in such cases, professional carpet cleaning services should be sought for better cleaning of carpet.